Friday, 25 February 2011

Drawing Inspiration

Drawing Inspiration from Wesley Louis on Vimeo.

Finally, its complete.

Dont like vimeo? Here's a link to the youtube version

I just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that supported us in the making of this. Its probably the hardest thing I've ever done, and I'm just happy we got through it. check out the credit list below:

Directed By

Tim McCourt

and Wesley Louis

Story by Steve Stamp

Written By Tim McCourt and Steve Stamp

Animators - Wesley Louis, Tim McCourt, Laurent Rossi, Robert Robinson Paul Lacolley, Nick Lennox, Micheal Plummer, Geoff King, Kristian Antonelli, Chris Halls

Backgrounds and Layouts - Paul Bloomfield

Compositing - Paul Bloomfield

Music - Alex Mattinson

Sound Designs by Matt Davies & Mark Apicella

Produced by Dexter Dash

Executive Producer Henry Scholfield

Thanks to Partizan Lab, Isabella Parish, Tori Davis & Maarten Rijs

And Again....

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snowman style heavy